Domarpresentation Linda Peirson – Piteå


I have been involved with Beardies for nearly 40 years now and hope I will be for the next 40 years. I look back at the dogs I’ve had the privilege of sharing my life with and I can honestly say that I’m a very proud owner/breeder. Over the years we have sent a few dogs abroad to be shown by their new owners and they in turn have made up to champions in their countries and have produced some gorgeous puppies in several kennels. We currently have 6 beardies in our home, ages ranging from 12 years to 2 years old and our 2 Lowchens that are now in retirement.

In the UK I have given Challenge Certificates 5 times including the Scottish Bearded Collie Club and been a referee at the Bearded Collie Club. My travels abroad have taken me as far as America, Madrid, Bratislava, Switzerland and Sweden/Norway which I can’t believe was 10 years ago but I’m really looking forward to visiting again to a beautiful country with such friendly people, I feel very honoured to be asked back.

I will be looking for a sound, well constructed beardie with a happy temperament, displaying the traits it needs to do the job it was bred to do.

Linda Peirson