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SKK INT MYDOG 2023-01-05 Domare: Lee Kerry. AU


Valpklass hanar
Alistair’s On The Rocks 7 mths old. Exellent breedtype. Good prop. and strenght of muzzle. Balanced quaters 
1 Hp Bästa valp

Happy Landings Jafee 8,5 mths old. Up to size for age. Shoulder could be more laid back. Good quality coat for age. Needs more experience in the ring. Tailset drops a little too steep in hindquaters.
2. Hp

Unghundsklass hanar
Old Highland’s Puzzle De Luxe 23 mths old. Well up to size. Lenght is as breedstandard. Good srong head. Siccorbite. Would like a little bit more neck and  shoulders a little more laid back. Not any taller. On the move sidegate very strong topline.
1. Ex.Ck. 

Öppenklass hanar
Beastly MR JJ 4 yrs old. To shy for the breed.

Championklass hanar
Heather Mist Rebel Rebel 5 yrs old. Good height. Balanced dog with good head and broad scull. Well pigmentated. Good quality harsh coat. Plenty of daylight under the dog. On the move like the tailset to be lower.
1. Ex, Ck BIM

Juniorklass tikar
Shorelines Her Highness 1 year old. Feminine, would like scull a little wider. Good scissorbite. Good ribs, firm topline on the move – sound mover. 
1. Ex, Ck Bästa Junior.

Rosaturmalin 1,5 year old. Feminine, Good eye and bite. Would like more confidence and level topline on the move. Would like ribs to go back more. Quality coat for age.

Unghundsklass tikar
Typografen’s Quick Quiz 20 mths old. Very feminine. Good quality coat. Balanced head. Level topline. On the move she needs to be more parallell both front and rear.

Farmarens Join The Party Very feminine but need more coat. Good quality coat harsh. Very happy on the move and will setttle with age. Movement true fore and aft – sidegate, very firm topline.
2. Ex, Ck

Alistair’s Looks And Smiles 1,5 year old. Needs more balance and strenght in head. Great temperament. Lack of forechest and laidback in shoulder. Lack of reach. Topline level. Could be a bit stronger in hindquaters.Lovely temperament.

Öppenklass tikar
Vallklanens Worth The Wait 2 yrs old. Feminine and very balanced. Eye could be darker. Well ribbed back. Strong on the move. Good level opline.
1. Ex-Ck

Happy Landing Gemmalynn 2,5 years old. Exc breedtype, good bone, good colour. Good quality coat. Angulation very good and moving very well. Balanced all over.
2. Ex-Ck

Vallklanens Wait And See 2yrs old. Feminine with balance head. Needs darker eye. Good quality coat. Tailset good but carries a little high on the move. Hindquaters can be more parallell on the move.
3. Ex, Ck

Heather Mist Having A Blast 6 years old. Good size, quality coat, eyes could be darker. Front angulation shoulders need to set under the dog. Well ribbed back. good tailset but on te move going away needs to be more parallell.
4. Ex, Ck

Hillbacka Compassion 3,5 yrs old. Needs to be more pigmentated in lips. Good quality coat for age. A bit more daylight underneth. Topline needs to level on the move.

Championklass tikar
Alistair’s Edition The Luxe 4 yrs old. Feminine up to size. Good strong level topline. Angulation good front and rear. Very sound on the move. Good quality coat. Plenty of daylight underneath.
1. Ex, Ck

Heather Mist Million Reason’s Feminine. Would not want any more dog. Eyes could be darker. Proportions up to standard. Quality coat very good. Well let down hooks. Topline needs to be level and firm on the move.
2. Ex-Ck

Alistair’s Fortune Cookie 2,5 yrs old. Would like darker eye. Missing some front teeth. Coat could be straighter. Topline could be firmer.
3. Vg

Veteranklass tikar
Highflying Under Cover
8 yrs old. Exellent breed type. High proportions and plenty of daylight underneath. Angulations fore and aft very good. Very firrm and strong topline. Nice on the move.
1. Ex-Ck Bästa veteran. BIR

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