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Valp tikar
Highland’s Society Nothing But Prec Typical bitch. Very nice coat for her age. Correct head propartions. D brown eyes. Enough neck Firm back. Correct angulated. Paralell mover. Bästa valp!
1 HP

Unghundsklass hanar
Old Highland’s Puzzle De Luxe On the big side. Correct proportions Excellent coat quality Very nice scull Muzzle not wide enough. Correct eyes and ears. Excellent topline. Correct angulated Tail well set and carried Moves very well.
Ex Plac 2 CK

Old Smuggler’s Blockbuster Excellent developed for his age. Typical outline standing and moving Correct head with a lot of stop. Long neck. Very nice withers, firm back. Excellent forechest Moves very well.
Ex Plac 1 CK BH-2 R-Cert Nordic R-Cert


Öppenklass hanar
Awniescot’s Rockery Master Compact male Excellent size, type and coat and bone. Typical head with short ears. Correct muzzle and eyes A lot of withers. Back not completly level but firm. Excellent forechest Correct angulated. Correct tail Moves well.
Ex Plac 1 CK BH-1 Cert Nordic-Cert

Beastly’s Mr Jj 4 years. Very nice size and type Typical outline standing Correct head Nice topline and neck. Excellent forechest and angulation. Front feet just a bit turned out Moves with correct step but could have more temperament.
Ex Plac 2 CK BH-3

Great Estate’s Alfie Solomons Correct size. Medium strong bones. Excellent coat quality Rather flat and narrow brisket and head. A bit rounded scull. Correct neck. Enough forecheast for age Front and back feet a bit turned out. Correct tail. Moves well.
Ex Plac 3

Great Estate’s Black Sky 4 years Correct size. Medium strong bones. Flat and narrow body. When moving topline could be more stady. Good sice of head. Correct ears. Excellent nose Firm back. Could have more forechest well angulated.
Ex Plac 4


Veteranklass hanar
Honeytaste James Grieve 11 years Full of temperament. Correct size Excellent coat quality Quite narrow body. Typical head could have more forechest. A bit loose elbows. Correct hind quarters.
Ex Plac 2 CK

Synvillans Nobel Tangolover Compact male. Very nice type. Excellent coat. Could have more temperament. Typical head. Profile not paralell enough. Excellent topline and neck. Correct body. Very well angulated. Excellent tail.
Ex Plac. 1 CK BH-4

Juniorklass tikar
Alistair’s Million Dollar Baby 15 month Correct size, proportions and coat. Head with a bit narrow scull. Profile could be a bit more paralell Good topline and neck Nice body under the coat. Moves very well.
Ex Plac 4 CK

Beastly’s Contry Fudge 15 months. Correct size. Very nice coat harch enough Typical head. Excellent eyes, ears, profile. Excellent topline correct chest deepnes and angulation excellent hind quarters
Ex 2 CK BT-3 R-Cert

Beastly’s Strawberry Dream 13 months. Quite narrow body. Scull a bit rounded. Enough neck. Firm back. Rounded croup which is going down Could have more forechest Feet turned out. And moving could have longer steps. Low set tail.

Farmarens Joy of Life Feminin bitch Correct outline but narrow body and scull. Medium strong bones. When moving topline could be more stady. Flat skull Profile not paralell enough. Long ears. Well angulated. Correct tail.

Old Smuggler’s Hollywood Excellent sice, type and temperament Typical head with excellent expression faralell profile. Lovelly body under the coat. Breed-typical mover. Tail OK. Bästa junior!
EX Plac 1 CK BT-2 Cert Nordic R-cert

Old Smuggler’s Rhapsody In Blue 11 months. Looks quite young with lovelly body still a bit roundich head which is at the moment short Correct eyes, ears, muzzle. Nice topline angulations and movement.

Rosaturmalin 9 month looks really young Body needs time to mature. Correct size of head. Profile paralell enough Nice neck, firm back. Could have more forechest. Chest not deep enough Well angulated. Moves with paralell legs.

Shorelines Her Highness 10 months. Very nice body under the coat. Lovelly type. Typical head and expression. Rounded croup High tail carriage Breed typical mover.
Ex Plac 3 CK


Öppenklass tikar
Berdmarked’s Blissful Bouqet 2 years old. Correct outline moving and standing. Could show a bit more temperament Nice head with small stop Enough neck. Back could be more level. Correct angulated.
Ex Plac. 4 CK

Beastly’s Kiltlifter 7 years Lovelly type. Excellent coat Typical outline moving and standing Very nice head with correct expression Nice body under the coat. Excellent tail
Ex Plac 1 CK BT-4

Beastly’s Rusty Nail Excellent size, body proportions bones and coat. Not happy in the showing. Typical head. Correct topline Could have more neck. Firm back with paralell legs and correct angulation. Moves correct

Farmarens Caledonia Delight 4 Years. Lovelly type. Well filled up flat body Typical head. Excellent topline. Well angulated. Correct elbows. Breed-typical mover
Ex Plac 2 CK

Hillbacka Compassion 3,5 years. Correct size and proportions A bit narrow body. Correct coat quality. Typical head Tail high carried. Moves very well.

Tolkien’s Dream Pearl Lovelly type. Correct body proportions. Hard coat. Could show a bit more temperament Typical head. Paralell profile. Nice forechest. Moves very well.
Ex Plac 3 CK


Championklass tikar
Alistair’s Edition de Luxe Beautiful type Breed-typical mover Excellent coat. Just a bit rounded scull. Excellent neck and withers. Lovelly mover
Ex Plac 1 CK BT-1 Nordic Cert BIR

Loverdose Des Berger Des Mille Et Feminine bitch quite narrow body and head. Lovelly temperament Excellent coat. Breed typical mover.
Ex Plac 2 CK


Veteranklass tikar
Beardmarked’s Just Push Play Correct size and type Excellent coat. A bit narrow body and head. Enough forechest. A bit soft pasterns. Breed-typical mover Correct tail. Bästa veteran!
Ex Plac 1 CK


Beastly’s Kiltlifter med Beastly’s Mr Jj, Beastly’s Contry Fudge, Beastly’s Strawberry Dream & Beastly’s Rusty Nail Mother and 4 kids from 2 diff litters same colour Correct, well presenteded
Plac 1 HP


Beastly’s med Beastly’s Mr Jj, Beastly’s Contry Fudge, Bestly’s Kiltlifter & Beastly’s Rusty Nail Very typey and similar dogs Same combinations. Well presented!
Plac 1 HP


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