SBC Högbo 22-09-18
Domare: Catherin Moffat kennel Kyleca, UK


Valp 4-6 hanar
Cool Heart’s Everybodys Dream Nice puppy broad skull teeth needs to be correkt nicely angulated in front good bone good rib short loin move out freely in good coat and condition
1 HP

Valp 6-9 hanar
Menander Mr Kinda Typical Very maskulin puppy strong head good bite nicely angulated front and rear good length and shape of rib would like a better tailset moved well when sattles in good coat condition
1 HP BIM-valp

Valp 4-6 tikar
Heart’s Everlasting Love 
feminin puppy correct bone good head bite not right nicely angulated straight front good topline well made rear move out well when sattles in good coat condition
3 HP

Love For Lollipops
puppy good jaw good neck & shoulders straight front good rib & loin would like little more bodycondition but good coat & moved out well
4 HP

Farmarens Lucky Win Nice feminin bitch good neck & shoulders lovely angulation good length of rib strong loin well made rear moved out well with an easy ground covering gait
1 HP Bästa valp

Lärkängen’s Kiss From A Rose Feminin bitch head developing nicely nice outline good neck & shoulders nicely
angulated easy rich & drive shown in good condition
2 HP

Valp 6-9 tik
Old Castlebridge Do you Love me Nice head good bite good pigmentation good neck & shoulders nicely angulated but lacking forchest nice outline standing moved out well needs to pay better attention to coat
1 HP

Juniorklass hanar
Beardmarked’s Let’s Dance Strong head and muzzle good bite straight front would like a better lay of shoulder good rib strong loin well muzzled saw some free movement when settled in excellent condition
VG Plac. 2

Hairdog’s Armani Code Maskulin strong male good head excellent pigment good anguls front and rear good forchest good rib and strong loin lovely shape standing & moving in exc good condition
Ex Plac. 1 CK

Unghundsklass hanar
Hillbacka Explorer Strong male dog good muzzle broad skull good neck shoulders & forchest correct bone lovely shape of stand nicely angulated front and rear well muzzled good coat and condition moved out freely
Plac. 2 CK

Typografen’s Quirky N’ Quaint Lovely male strong head & muzzle lovely front angulation good neck & forchest lovely topline sound in rear and well muzzled lovely free rich & drive on the move in exc coat & condition
Ex Plac. 1 CK

Öppenklass hanar
Alistair’s Good as Gold Lovely brown male good head strong jaw good neck & shoulders good forchest straight front good shape of rib well angulated in rear and front low hooks move out soudly in exc coat condition
Ex Plac. 2 CK

Farmarens Belive in Me Strongly made male broad head and muzzle lacked pigmentation around eyes would like better layd of shoulder good dept of chest good length of rib short tail would prefare feet not to be trimmed moved out ok

Farmarens Éclair d’Amour Really lovely male with lovely outline standing & moving correct broad head lovely neck & shoulders beautiful angulation all thru lows set hooks exc condition moved out beautiful a lovely exemple of this breed
Ex Plac. 2 CK R-Cert

Farmarens For Your Eyes Only Beautiful presented male strong head & muzzle good depth of chest lovely topline beautiful angulation of rear a lovely outline standing & moving very free on the move exc condition
Ex. Plac. 1 CK BH-4 Cert, Champion idag!

Heather Mist Mr Sandman Strong male broad head would like better mouth but strong muzzle straight front good shoulders nicely angulation all trou in good coat condition moved well when settled
Ex Plac 4 CK

Championklass hanar
Farmarens All In Lovely male lovely outline standing & moving broad flat skull good jaw strong neck & shoulders good dept of chest correct rib strong loin well angulated front & rear easy soud mover and supercoat & condition
Ex Plac. 4 CK

Farmarens Xplosion In Black Lovely male good head & strong jaw good rich of neck lovely angulation of rear sound topline lovely shape standning & moving very free ground covering rich & drive well done hooks & exc coat & condition
Ex Plac. 2 CK BH-2

Goonie’s Looks And Smiles Nice male strong head & muzzle good depht of chest straight front well angulated front & rear would like a little more muzzletone a litle unanimated and move but still a kvalite example of the breed

Heather Mist Everlasting Love Strongly made male in good coat condition broad head strong muzzle would like a little more length of leg soud body proportions good topline moved out well although would like more animation

Heather Mist Rebel Rebel Lovely male with strong head & jaw exc neck & shoulders straight front correct bone liked the outline standing and moving well muzzled & exc condition exc angulation lovely low set hooks moved out with good rich & drive
Ex Plac. 1 CK BH-1 BIM

Hillbacka Bodyguard Nicely made male with strong head & good muzzle good neck & shoulders straight front correct bone nice outline well angulated front & rear move out well exc coat condition
Ex Plac. 3 CK

Veteranklass hanar
Alistair’s Teach Me Tiger Lovely strong male appeeling & expression lovely broad skull straight front with good bone lovely angulation with lovely soud topline well muzzled low set hooks moved with effortless rich & drive Exc coat condition
Ex Plac. 1 CK BH-3 Bästa veteran

Nickelby’s Umber Knight Maskulin dog with nice head expression exc condition for eight allthouh coat could be in better condition nicely angulated good dept of chest good rib & loin well let done hooks moved out well
Ex Plac. 2

Juniorklass tikar
Hairdog’s Minére Influence Rosé Feminin bitch nice head & expression good ley of shoulder nice outline good forchest nicely angulated good lenght and shape of rib well done hooks good tailcarrige moved out well when settle a little close in rear
Ex Plac. 2 CK

Old Smuggler’s Movie Star Nicely made bitch with feminin head & expression good pigment dark eye nicely angulated from rear good topline well muzzled rear move out soundly with good rich & drive good condition
Ex Plac. 1 CK

Unghundsklass tikar
Farmarens Haute Couture Beautiful sound moving bitch very feminin all thru lovely outline feminin expressed head beautiful angulated low set hooks good rib strong loin moved out beautiful
Ex Plac. 1 CK BT-2 Cert

Goonie’s Merry and Bright Feminin bitch lovely expressed head good neck & shoulders would like a little longer length upperarm lovely in profile good depth of chest good rib nicely angulated moved on well
Ex Plac. 2 CK R-Cert

Hairdog’s Love Nest Nicely presented bitch feminin head good neck & shoulders straight front a little ? coming towards me nicely anguled moved ok would like a little more condition thru out
VG Plac. 4

Lärkängen’s Joy to the World Fem bitch good head & expression nice head strong muzzle good lay back of shoulder straight front good topline well let done hooks moved out well in good condition
Ex Plac. 3 CK

Öppenklass tikar
Alistair’s Hot Gossip Nice bitch feminin head expression straight front good bone good depth chest good rib nicely angulated front & rear soud topline move well when settle good coat condition
Ex Plac. 1 CK BT-3

Hairdog’s Great Blue Diamonds Rather unsettled nice fem head expression nicely angulated front & rear level topline exc coat & condition quait erratic on move needs more confedens
VG Plac. 4

Lärkängen’s It’s My Party Nicely presented bitch feminin head & expression nice outline standing good angulation front & rear good depth of chest good rib short loin well muzzled moved out freely
Ex Plac. 3 CK

Cool Heart’s Curly Sue Made For You Nicely presented bitch good head & expression nicely angulated good depth of chest good rib very well muzzles moved out with good rich & drive
Ex Plac. 2 CK

Vallklanens Cullodena Feminin bitch good strong head strong muzzle would like darker eye good neck would like a little longer upperarm and better topline moved ok good coat condition

Championklass tikar
Cool Heart’s Beyond Breathless Strong head & muzzle strong neck would like better lay of shoulder level topline good depth of chest coat needs more attention but moved out & good rich & drive

Cool Heart’s Bisous Pour Toi Nice bitch dark eye good skull & muzzle nicely angulated allthru good depht of chest nice body proportions good rib & short loin looked well standing & moving & presented in exc coat condition

Cool Heart’s Brilliant Step Nicely presented bitch in good coat & condition feminin expressed head good pigment nicely constructed front & rear lovely bodyproportions good depth of chest moved out well with an easy groud covering movement

Farmarens Étoile Du Nouvel An Lovley bitch with correct body proportions moves fem head good eye lovely flowing neck & shoulders correct bone correkt rib short loin lovely outline and moved with a effortless grace exc coat condition
Ex Plac. 1 CK BT-1 BIR

Farmarens Ultra Chic Lovely slade bitch lovely outline fem head & expression good pigment good depth of chest correct sheip of rib moved effortlessly & presented in supercoat & condition
Ex Plac. 3 CK

Heather Mist Million Reason’s Strong bitch although very fem good head strong muzzle good pigment nice eye beautiful angulated front & rear good depht of chest lovely outline and moved with effortless rich & drive presented in exc coat & well muzzled condition
Ex Plac. 2 CK BT-4

Hillbacka Awesome Nicely presented bitch fem head & expression lovely dark eye good pigment lovely outline standing & moving nicely angulated front & rear good depht of chest well muzzled move with good drive in good coat condition
Ex Plac. 4 CK

Veteranklass tikar
Kindle Passion Wunderkind Nicely presented bitch feminin head & expression well angulated front & rear straight front with good bone exc topline very fit for her eleven years old just carring a little to much weight still moved out good rich & drive exc coat condition
Ex Plac. 1 CK

Kennel Farmarens med hundarna:
Farmarens Éclair d’Amour, Farmarens All In, Farmarens For Your Eyes Only & Farmarens Xplosion in Black  combinations very typy front & all with lovely heads all nicely angulated very even all in excellent coat they move together with exc rich & drive
1 HP

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