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SKK  Stockholm INT  2023-12-09  Domare: Tamás Jakkel

Juniorklass hanar
Cool Heart’s Final Tribute
good type, lovely head strong scull, good expression and front, godd balance and substanse for age, correct tailset and topline, a bit soft coat, moved well

Unghundsklass hanar
Menander Mr Kinda Typical
Good breed type, nice head and expression,excellent neck and forechest, correct topline and tailset, well angulated front and rear, excellent coat, breed typical movement with reach and drive
EXC, 1:a, CK, BHKL 3, CERT

Alistair’s Off the Record
Masculine head, a little bit reserved temperatment, correcy neck and shoulders, a bit empty in front, correct topline and croup, good coatqualite, would prefer more mass in head and body,moved well with haig tailcarriage
EXC, 2:a

Öppenklass hanar
Heather Mist Mr Sandman
Good type lovely head, upright shoulders, short in front, good balance of subtance, correct topline,good coatqualtiy due the color, a bit assymmetrisk movemnet in rear
VG, 1:a

Farmarens Believe in Me
Nice temperment, head could be more masculine, short on legs, correct neck and shoulders, good substance and coat, correct topline and tailset, loose on the move in front
VG, 2:a

Championklass hanar
Heather Mist Rebel Rebel
Excellent type, masculine wellbalanced, lovely head and expression, correct neck, excellent topline and tailset, croup in balance, nice coat, typcial breedmovemnet
EXC, CK, 1:a, BHKL 1, NORDC, SE V-23, BIR

Farmarens For Your Eyes Only
Very soundly built, well balanced male in good breedtype, prefer a bit longer head, excellent neck and forechest, correct topline and tailset, good front excellent coat, moved well

Hillbacka Bodyguard
Masculine head, wellbalanced silouette, excellent neck, good coatquality, a bit long in body, correct angualtions, correct sidemovement a bit narrow in front
EXC, CK, 3:a

Veteranklass hanar
Braemoor’s Spitfire
9 years, good type, lovely masculine head, a bit upright shoulders, good temperannt, excellent substance for age, correct front. excellent coattexture,moves well
EXC, 1:a, CK, BHKL 4, SE VV-23

Juniorklass tikar
Cool Heart’s Feeling Sassy
Excellent breedtype, lovely feminine head, well balanced, great temperament, a lot of quality, correct front and topline, breedtypical movemnet
EXC, CK, 1:a, R-CERT, SE JV-23

Lärkängen’s Let Your Love Flow
Loveley feminine head, upright shoulders, short on legs, excellent coattexture, wellangulated hindlegs,moved well with correct topline
EXC, 2:a

Unghundsklass tikar
Farmarens Lucky Win
Excellent type, lovely feminine head, correct front, neck and forechest, wellangualted hindlegs, correct topline,breedtypical movemnet
EXC, 1:a, CK, BTKL 4, CERT

Memorylane Daze of Amaze
Feminine wellbalanced and excellent type, feminine head and expression, wellbalanced silouette, excellent neck correct topline, evanliy angulated, good coatquality, moves well
EXC, 2:a, CK

Farmarens Love for Lollipops
Feminine head correct scull, good forechest, correct neck, good topline and croup, a bit soft coat due the color, wellangulated,a bit soft topline on the move
EXC, 3:a

Old Castlebridge Do You Love Me
Feminine head, good neck, lovely balance, coatcondition could be better, correct topline, moves well
EXC, 4:a

Öppenklass tikar
Hairdog’s Great Blue Diamonds
Very shy, femine head, good balance, but the hole picture destroys by her temperment

Championklass tikar
Cool Heart’s Brilliant Step
Feminine type, well balance excellent substance and coatquality,moves well
EXC, 1:a, CK, BTKL 1, NORDC, SE V-23, BIM

Cool Heart’s Bisous Pour Toi
excellent breed type, lovely head, good coat, wellbalanced siloutte, excellent substance. I like her attitude,moves well
EXC, 2:a, CK, BTKL 3

Memorylane Let Me Entertain U
Lovely head, good balance in substance, I prefer more forechest, excellent coat, wellangualted hindlegs,moves well
EXC, 3:a, CK

Heather Mist Million Reason’s
Lovely type, a bit strong stop, excellent neck, correct topline, good coatquality, prefer more forechest, corrcet croup, wellbalanced and easy movement
EXC, 4:a, CK

Alistair’s Heart of Gold
Good type, feminine head, good forechest, excellent balance and substance, excellent coat, correct topline, moves well

Alistair’s Fortune Cookie
Lovely feminine head, correct front and neck and topline, good substance, a bit soft coat, moves well

Hillbacka Awesome
Lovely type, nice head, excellent neck, correct topline a bit high tailset, good coatquality, a bit narrow in front in move

Lärkängen’s It’s My Party
Excellent type, feminine head, a bit upright in shoulders, correct front and topline, execllent coat, wellangulated hindlegs,moves well but I prefer more strenght

Veteranklass tikar
Farmarens Ultra Chic
Kritik excellent type, beautiful feminine head, good neck and topline, excellent coat, lovely subtanse and balance, feminine correctly built and symmetrisk, breedtypical movement

Alistair’s You Only Live Once
Lovely feminine head, good front, she carries a bit overweight correct topline, excellent coattexture, correct angualtions, moves balanced
EXC, 2:a, CK

Kennel Cool Heart’s
Excellent even groupe, really breedtype, combinated with overall high quality, two young ones have a great future

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