Kritiker från Piteå NAT Special

Domare: Linda Peirson GB

Valpar hanar 6-9
Clic’s Charming Officier SE59686/2018 Young blue male with a happy temperament a good head and matching eye colour. Nice length of nec and good shoulders. I would prefer a longer rib. Moved very well once settled.
1 HP BIM valp. 

Valpar tikar 4-6
Memorylane I Zteel Hearts SE22744/2019 Dark slate bitch puppy that presents of super outline standing and moving Good bite and the head is developing as it should be of His age. Has a good reach of upped arm and well angulated in the re moved very well for a youngster.
1 HP 

Valpar tikar 6-9
Beardmarked’s Hot Suited SE53248/2018 B f. 2018-09-21 e. SE UCH Menander Booted’n’ Suited u. SE UCH Beardmarked’s Your Precious Love uppf. Liz Rundberg Ängelholm äg. Mimmi Halvarsson Färjenäs 30 781 90 Borlänge Mature puppy who is in a lovely coat and condition Developing a very nice head witch eye to tone with the coat Very well angulated front and back Lovely depth of chest and length of rib. Moves very well.
1 HP BIR valp 

Clic’s Charming Magnolia SE59690/2018 f. 2018-11-20 e. C.I.B. EE CH FI UCH FI VV-18 NO UCH SE UCH Ovenslope Prince Charming u. FI UCH SE UCH SE V-19 Heather Mist Hot Honey Rag Blue baby with a toning eye Very good pigment and kind expression level loping as she should be at this age correct angles and a good length of back Moved steadily when settled.

Clic’s Miss Mapel Another blue who is looking quite apart balanced over all with a good shape standing and moving Beautiful head with a kind eye that tones with the coat colour. A god length of rib and short line Straight topline Moved very well when settled.

Hairdog’s Great Blue Diamonds SE59074/2018 Another blue with toned eyes. Very good shape balanced outline. ? head & expression Would like slightly more rib. Good backend and tailset. She well do OK once settled and a little bit more training 

Uppfödargrupp valpar: 
Kennel Clic’s Deltagande valpar C’s Charming Officier, C’s Charmig Mangnolia, C’s Charming Miss Mapel Very similar in type tree puppie with very good coat colours all very simular in development and once settled – moved very well 

1 HP Juniorklass hanar
Farmarens Cool N’ Classy SE33147/2018 
Dark slate male who at present is ? his coat. Has a lovely head dark eye and pigment good length of neck that ? into his level & shoulder ribs deep and long with a firm line Typografen’s Prototype SE47712/2018 S f. 2018-08-18 e. SE UCH Menander Booted’n’ Suited u. Beardmarked’s Midnight Blue uppf. Mimmi Halvarsson Borlänge äg. Mimmi Typografen’s Prototype SE47712/2018 S f. 2018-08-18 e. SE UCH Menander Booted’n’ Suited u. Beardmarked’s Midnight Blue uppf. Mimmi Halvarsson Borlänge äg. Mimmi Halvarsson Färjenäs 30 781 90 Borlänge Slate male with toning eye colour good jaw and pigment Hes a little too match coat which totally ? his good shape Deep in chest and rib but would prefer a longer rib Good topline and moved very steadily.

Unghundsklass hanar
Memorylane Double The Hula-Hula FI 44585/17 Blue male who has a super of colour ? he has lacking pigments A shade bigger than prefer A good shape with a good topline good angles correct rib and loin has good movement when settled.
VG KK 1 

Öppenklass Hanar
Farmarens Yackety Yak SE236892016  f. 160308 E. NORD & DK UCH C.I.B NORD JV-11 NO V11 SE V-13 EE & LT CH Potterdale Golddust U. Farmarens Miss Lovely. Uppf o ägare Charlotte Sandberg Ulrica Olsson Gävle Brown male could have a better coloured eye 

Memorylane Hot Of A Step FI25127/14 Super slate male presenting a very good ouline. Everything is in balance Super topline deep chest and good rib and line ratio In very good coat and condition Moves very well with his young handler. Presented to perfection
EXC KK 1 CK BHKL 3 CERT GRATTIS Champion idag!


Championklass hanar
Alistair’s Written In The Stars SE16982/2014 f. 140108 E. C.I.B SE UCH NO UCH Beastly’s Tweed Kettle U. SE UCH Alistair’s One Look You’re Hooked. Uppf. Nina Lönner-Andersson & Johan Andersson Hammarö. Ägare Alf-Inge Johnsen Norge Mature male who has good head but would prefer a darker eye . very good upperarm but would prefer a little better length in shoulder Good rib and loin ratio Good tail set and croup for better balance would like loin longer Moved OK 

Clic’s Seven Angels SE16947/2012 Slate male in very good coat and condition balanced head his eye is just dark enough. Exc shoulders and angulation just he right moment of weight straight topline with good tailset in croup 

Farmarens All In SE59858/2016 Very good male. Still has a bit f maturing to do but has very good outline that his adult coat should bring hes balanced throughout and his outline just flows Correct deept of rib and short line Good tailset in croup and he moves with not ? effect.

Farmarens Take Me To The Circus SE58239/2014Exc male who presents a classic outline everything is balanced his neck flows into a well laid shoulder deep long rib Short strong line exc 

Heather Mist Express Yourself SE21552/2016 Slate male who’s coat isn’t doing ? any favours at present. Good outline i good head and pigmented with an eye that tones flows well from his neck in to his shoulders Good balance head and body ratios moves well but would prefer a little more reach in front.

Heather Mist Hakuna Matata SE20310/2016 Male with super head. Very broard scull balanced proportions Straight topline correct rib and line in great coat and condition 

Lärkängen’s Everything For You SE35719\/2015 f. 150508 E.C.I.B SE UCH DK UCH NO UCH NORD V-11 Alistair’s Jolly Good fellow U. SE UCH NO UCH SE V-13 Lärkängen’s Always Amazing. Uppf Anne-Marie & Jenny Öhqvist Edsvalla. Ägare Sara Andersson Öjebyn. Slate male has a good head but would prefer a darker eye He’s over all balanced for me would prefer a little less stuffiness of the shoulders In good coat & condition A little straight in his croup which indicates a high tail set.

Memoylane Soooo Irresistible FI20877/16 född.2016-02-11 e Memorylane Uno Dos Tres Flash u.Sandauri Let’s Go Go Go Brown male just coining into his own. Very good head moves whit little effort.

Veteranklass hanar 
Farmarens Lamberth Walk SE14922/2011 född 2010.12.25 e: Ramsgrove Borkason u. CH Duchess Montebello Smartness 8 years slate male with a balanced head lovely pigment & eye colour Very good neck & shoulder very good in forechest . 

Nickelbys Umber Knight SE66410/2010 8 years brown male with a correct eye colour for his coat colour. Masculine in head with very good neck and shoulder placement long deep ribs Correct in length to hight proportion Very good topline line and in very good coat. Once settled moved very well.

Juniorklass tikar
Memorylane Let Me Entertain U SE47831/2018 Pretty blue bitch who’s coat is comming in well for age. Balanced head & exc pigment. Super neck & shoulder very good topline correct rib & line. very good angulation he moved with very little effort covering the ground.

Öppenklass tikar 
Alistair’s Better Than Chocolate SE26448/2018 Sweet 2 yrs old bitch eye at present toning with the coat correctly built hight trough with a very good topline & correct rib & line Super angulation very eye catching movement.

Beardmarked’s Midnight Blue SE26783/2016 Tree yrs old blue bitch Very pretty bitch with a good outline. Balanced through but correct angles long deep rib in very good coat moved very well.

Cool Heart’s Beyond Breathless SE29065/2017 Two yrs old bitch in between. coats at the movement. She’s a very nice shape and a very good front. Correct rib and line ratio. Level topline moved very well would prefer a better bite. EXC 

Cool Heart’s Bisous Pour Toi SE29067/2017 Young slate bitch that I like for her type & shape. She has a lovely neck & shoulder placement Balanced through out with very good angulation very good coat and moved very well when she got into a stride.

Cool Heart’s Butterfly Effect SE29062/2017 Very nice bitch at her first show. She did very well for her ovne. Lovely movement correct head & lovely dark pigment Very good angulation in very good muscled condition.

La-Faja’s Never Say No To Nougat SE23885/2017 Pretty 2, 5 yrs old brown very good pigment & eye colour very good neck & shoulder 

Championklass tikar
Clic’s Angel Of Love SE16942/2012 Mature slate bitch with good size and a very good type. Very good neck & shoulder level topline. Good tail set and croup. Deep rib & line very short . Present a beautiful outline both standing and moving Moved effortlessly.

Clic’s Angel Of Mine SE16941/2012 Very nice slate girl with super balance Angulation front & back is very good. In great coat & condition Very nice head & pigment. Move effortlessly but I would prefer some weight off.

Cool Heart’s A Kind Of Magic SE21302/2014 Very nice dark slate bitch. Perfectly balanced in movement & shape. Very nice dark slate bitch. Perfectly balanced in movement & shape. Very very good construction. Good eye colour & piment movement is outstanding very well muscled through out.

Farmarens Ultra Chic SE22050/2015 A smaller type of bitch who is ? balanced through out she has very good eye colour & pigment She front from her neck to her tail with a level topline. Have enough bone for her size moved freely with little effort.

Heather Mist Hot Honey Rag SE20315/2016 Blue bitch. that hes ? head. However I would like a darker eye colour. Very good pigment her coat is in very good condition very good neck & straight topline. Long ribs and short loin. She moves well but needs to be kept under better control to access her correctly.

Memorylane Unique In A Flash FI35207/14 Very feminine dark slate who has a very good head and eye. Neck set in to very good. Shoulder. Very nice proportions. Long deep ribs and very good angulation. though out moves beautifully. She presents a very good outline at all find.

Farmarens Deltagande hundar:
F’s Yackety Yak, F’s Take Me To The Circus, F’s Lamberth Wak, F’s Ultra Chic Four beautiful matched beardis that are growned to perfection All in harmony as they moved shown a beautiful group 1 HP 

Cool Heart’s Deltagande hundar: CH’s Beyond Breatless, CH’s Bisous Pour Tol, CH’s <butterfly Effect, CH’s A Kind Of Magic A vey happy group of similar Shape & construction. All moved very well together. Four very good ? 
2 HP

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