Domarpresentation Danielle Ponthus

My husband and I are breeding Bearded Collie for over 30 years. This breed has
been kind of a revelation. The reasons were mainly : its adaptability to any
situation and its pleasant aesthetics. My house has always been full of children,
and our dogs are an integral part of our family.
I got my first Bitch Bearded Collie named, «Flushing du Vieux Moulin de Cara»
issued from an English Bloodline, a bit by chance, and it was with her that our
breeding began « Les Emeraudes du lac » was born. A great adventure !
Together with my husband, we traveled around the world to present our dogs in
dog shows. We have earned numerous national, international, World and
European titles of champions, and we are proud of this result regarding to the
small number of litters we produce.
The most important thing for me is not to produce fashionable dogs, but to
remain as close as possible to the standard, so as to preserve all the
characteristics and « qualities » of this beautiful breed.
I am a member of the BCCF (Bearded Collie Club of France) committee in France
for many years to ensure a healthy future for our gorgeous Bearded Collie.
Thank you very much for the invitation. I’m very honoured about it.
Danielle Ponthus

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