Bio for Lesley Tomlinson
In the 80’s both my mother and I bred Beardies individually but they were all registered as Coalacre. My first homebred Champion was C. Crackerjack born in 1987. Soon after that we registered Coalacre as a joint prefix. Since then we have been very lucky and have bred Champions in Beardies, Affenpinschers, Cairn Terriers and Portuguese Podengos worldwide. I first started judging in 1980 and gave my first set of CC’s in 1990. I currently award CC’s in Bearded Collies & Affenpinschers, having had the privilege to judge both at Crufts twice. I have also had the opportunity to judge in the USA 3 times, Sweden 3 times, France, Holland 3 times, Slovakia, Denmark, Finland and Norway. I have owned Beardies since 1975 and could never imagine being without one. Even though I have had several other breeds over the years, it is the Beardie that stays close to my heart.

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