Valpklass tikar 4-6
Hillbacka Compassion SE27365/2019 S 5 month. Good head. Kind eye. Well developed for chest. Good proportions. Shows promise on the move. Very nice in profile. Very promising.
1 hp

Valpklass tikar 6-9
Shorelines Golden
Celebration SE22918/2019 B 
7 month. Very
feminine. Pretty head. Liked her size & proportions. Needs to settle on the
move. Developing along the correct lines. Good coat texture. Very promising.
2 hp

Toiken’s Dream Pearl  SE33731/2019 B 8 month. Built on bigger lines but still of good proportions. Strong but feminine head. Nice expression. Exc length of rib. Moved with purpose . Hope she doesn’t grow anymore. Lovely girl. Very promising. Best puppy today
1 hp BIR-Valp

Juniorklass hanar

Awniescot’s Rockery Master SE42633/2018 Sa Strongly made dog. Excellent head properties. Strong neck leading into well placed shoulder. Good length of back coming from rib. Would prefer him a bit leaner. Moved well once settled. Shows plenty of promise for the future. Best Junior today
Ex. KK 1 CK. BHKL 2. Cert

Beastly’s MR Jj SE47706/2018 Sa Head of nice proportions with good muzzle Would prefer stronger pigment. A little steep in shoulder. Would prefer a better forechest.. Good length of rib. Correct croupe. Good set of tail. Coat going through the pale stage but of good texture. Needs a little more confidence.
Vg, 3

 Typografens Prototype SE47712/2018 S Strong masculine head. Good muzzle. Well angulated front & behind. Typical outline. Good depth of rib. Strong hooks. Moved well. Would prefer him leaner it would improve his outline. Excellent coat. His extra weight is making him roll on the move.
Ex. KK 2

Unghundsklass hanar
Hillbacka Bodyguard  SE17401/2018 Slight… of 19 month.Head of exellent proportions. Dark eye. Good pigment. Strong muzzle. Super neck leading into well placed shoulder. Good deep chest. Plenty of forechest. Good outline ….. rear angles. Movement shows good reach & drive but for me movement improves at a slightly slower pace. Good coat texture. Nice dog. Best intermediate dog of opposite sex today.
Ex. KK 1 CK. BHKL 4. R-Cert

Öppenklass hanar
Alistair’s Bold As Brass SE40369/2017 S Strong masculine head . Good shoulder placement. Good length of back. Well angulated front & behind. Good coat quality. Strong topline which he held on the move. Super expression. Please don’t let him get any heavier!
Ex. KK 1 CK. 

Honeytaste X-Treme SE26446/2017 S This dog got super
head proportions with broad flat scull. Good overall shape. Would prefer
slightly better lay of shoulder but has a good upper arm. Excellent coat
quality. Just tended to drop his topline on the move,
Ex. KK 2.

Championklass hanar
Heathermist Express Yourself  SE21552/2016 S Excellent head. Good
pigment. Excellent in muzzle underjaw with good depth & width. Nice sweep
of neck into well placed shoulders. Matching angles front & behind. Profuse
coat of excellent texture. Kind expression. Would prefer slightly longer rib.
Prefer him a little leaner as tended to roll on the move. However a dog of
Ex. KK 2 CK BHKL 3

Heather Mist Hakuna Matata SE20310/2016 S Beautiful dog. Masculine all through. Strongly made without being cause?? Excellent head. Good neck leading into well placed shoulders. Firm topline maintained on the move. Good forechest. Length of back coming from rib. Well-muscled throughout. Low pushy hocks . Ideal coat. Best of breed today !

 Hillbacka Addition SE34281/2016 S Nice dog. Good head properties. Good forechest. Well angulated in front but shoulders are a bit loaded. Excellent depth of chest. Nice length of back, coming from rib. Topline could be firmer. Moved steadily but tail carriage could be better which spoiled his outline on the move. Shown in fit condition Ex. KK 3 

 Juniorklass tikar
Awniescot’s Royal Design SE42636/2018 S Prettty head of good proportions. Prefer slightly better layback of shoulder. Good for front. Deep chest . Good length of rib. Firm strong topline. Really liked her shape of croup. Good hooks. Quality coat of typical junior stage. Impressive outline on the stand.
Ex. KK 3.

Beardmarked’s Hot Suited SE53248/2018 B Built on bigger lines but feminine all through. Loved her head of typical proportions. Strong pigment & kind eye. Soundly constructed throughout. Strong hooks. Moved positively displaying plenty of reach & drive. Excellent coat quality. Best junior of opposite sex today!
Ex. KK 1 CK BTKL 3 Cert

 Beardmarked’s Twice as Hot As Fire u SE53247/2018 Ultrafeminine head with excellent strength of jaw. Nice expression. Good lay of shoulder & matching upper arm. Correctly shaped ribcage Nicely angulated in rear. Well set and carried tail. When she dropped her head slightly it improved her reach which her front confirmation suggested. Super outline .
Ex. KK 2 CK.

 Beastly’s Pickleback SE47708/2018 S Pretty head. Rather narrow in front. Prefer better lay of shoulder. Good depth of chest. Ribs could be longer but firm croup. Good quality coat shown in hard fit condition.
Vg KK 4.

Unghundsklass tikar
Alistair’s De’ja Vu SE22123/2018 Very feminine all
through. Pretty head. Good neck. Adequate shoulder. Good depth of chest ´.
Liked her croup & rear assembly. Excellent coat. Not altogether relaxed
today which affected her topline. Moved well once she settled into her stride.
Needs to believe in herself. Never the less a quality bitch who just needs
Ex. KK 2 CK. 

Beardmarked’s Little Fab Fool SE30002/2018 Strong buut feminine head. Excellent pigment. Good neck flowing into excellent shoulder. Good depth of chest. Short loin. Good proportions. Good quality coat. Moved as her construction suggested with lots of reach & drive. Lovely outline. My only concern is the appearance of the coat on the feet. Best Intermediate dog today!
Ex. KK 1 ck.

Hillbacka Botox SE17405/2018 S Prettty head of nice proportions. Good pigment ´. Broad flat scull. Strong topline. Good angulation front & behind. Tail set & carriage could be better. A little straight in stifle. Good quality coat at a junior stage. Another who just needs time to mature.
Ex. KK 3..

Öppenklass tikar 
Beardmarked’s Just Push Play  SE50757/2014 Sa Strongly made throughout. A little big for me. Soundly constructed throughout with good forechest & rear assembly. Good quality coat. Needs to make shore she don’t get any heavier. Our breed standard calls for a lean dog… A dog of good proportions and happy temperament .
Ex. KK 1.

Beastly’s Virginia Ash SE27560/2017 B Strong head Of good proportions. Prefer a slightly better lay of shoulder. She presents a squarer picture on the stand. Prefer a slightly longer back for balance. Good coat quality. Needs to settle on the move. Happy temperament shown through. Good rapport handler.
Vg. KK 2 

Championklass tikar
Alistair’s Better Than Chocolate  SE26448/2017 B Beautiful bitch in excellent proportions . Loved her head with everything in the right place to give the melting bearded expression. Standard fitting confirmation throughout. Strong topline & well carried tail. All under a beautiful presented coat of excellent amount & Texture. All through a feminine & full of quality. Best opposite sex today!
Ex. KK 1. CK. BTKL 1

Hillbacka Awesome SE34286/2016 S Bitch of quality. Typical head properties. Dark eye. Good pigment. Good lay of shoulders & matching upper arm. Correct 5-4 proportions. Well angulated rear. Moved well in the confines of the ring I suspect she moves even better in a larger outside ring. A worthy champion.
Ex. KK 3

Loverdose des Bergers des Mille Et SE25296/2016 SVery feminine girl with lots to like. Pretty head. Good flow of neck. Good lay of shoulder whish she doesn’t always use effectively on the move. Preferring slightly more front reach . Good rear assembly low pushy hocks. Excellent coat quality. .
Ex. KK 4.

Potterdale Rhyme or Reason  SE44077/2016 S Feminine all through. Excellent 5-4 proportions. Nothing overdone or exaggerated with this girl. An honest beardie all through. Pretty head of good proportions. Kind eye. Good forechest & length of rib. Once settled moved well. Lovely happy temperament. A worthy champion. 
Ex. KK 2 ck. BTKL 2

Veteranklass tikar
Honeytaste Glamorizer SE66768/2010 Bl Lovely veteran of 9
years, shown in such fit hard condition a credit to the owner! She could teach
fitness to several dogs today! Pretty head. Beautiful neck flowing into
excellent shoulders. Well made throughout full of quality. Just tended to drop
her topline at times which could be forgiven at her age. 
Ex. KK 1 CK. BTKL R-Cert

Beardmarked’s Well matched group. All moving well. All of good quality. All typical of the breed. Beardmarked’s Hot Suited, Beardmarked’s Twice as Hot As Fire, Beardmarked’s Little Fab Fool,
1 hp

kennel Hillbacka.Very well matched group. All very typical. Moving well once settled. I’m sure they are all a pleasure to own. It was a pleasure to judge them. Hillbacka Bodyguard, SE UCH Hillbacka Addition, Hillbacka Botox, SE UCH  Hillbacka Awesome
2 hp


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